Four Secrets of Successful Implementation
—Barry Duncan
Date Posted 2016-07-08
Category: PCOMS (ORS/SRS)
Keywords: PCOMS, Implementation, 4 secrets, the long haul, data, supervision, front line clinician, evdience based practice, SAMHSA, Barry Duncan,

With ten years of implementation experience under his belt including four of the largest public behavioral health agencies in their respective states as well as national implementation across couple and family centers in Norway, Barry presents what he has learned about the successful implementation of PCOMS, the four secrets: 1) In It for the Long Haul: organizational commitment at all levels; 2) Love Your Data: collection and use of data right out of the gate; 3) Inspire the Front-Line Clinician: connecting PCOMS to therapist’s desire to do good work and improve over the course of their careers; and 4) Supervision for a Change: using the data to improve outcomes and accelerate therapist development. 

Music by Project Leader John Murphy and Buddy Case