Norway Feedback Study: Video
—Morten Anker & Barry Duncan
Date Posted 2009-11-04
Category: PCOMS (ORS/SRS)
Keywords: PCOMS, ORS, SRS, client feedback, improving outcomes, Morten Anker, Barry Duncan, Jacqueline Sparks,,,, better outcomes now

Barry interviews the principal investigator, Dr. Morten Anker, of the Norway Feedback Study, the largest randomized clinical trial (RCT) ever done with couples. Morten presents the design features that make the study noteworthy as well as the incredible findings. For example, four times more couples achieved clinically significant change in the feedback condition over couples in the treatment as usual condition, and at six month follow up, couples in the feedback condition separated nearly 50% less. Morten and Barry also discuss the national roll out of PCOMS in Norway Family Counseling Offices.

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