Project Leader Dr. Jacqueline Sparks New Editor of ISEPP Journal: Call for Papers
—Barry Duncan
Date Posted 2017-06-21
Category: Psychotropic Drugs
Keywords: International Society of Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry, ISEPP, call for papers, Jacqueline Sparks,
Please join me in congratulating Project Leader, Dr. Jacqueline Sparks on her new role as editor of Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry. Her leadership can only make a good journal better. Here is a call for papers. Please consider submitting.

Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry

EHPP is now accepting submissions from a range of disciplines, including health, humanistic, and indigenous psychology, child/adolescent, forensic, developmental, and geriatric psychiatry, social work, mental health counseling, and couple and family therapy.

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Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry (EHPP) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research reports, reviews, essays, commentaries, and case reports examining the ethical ramifications of unjust practices in psychiatry and psychology. As the official publication of the International Society of Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry (ISEPP), it supports ISEPP’s mission to use the standards of scientific inquiry and critical reasoning to address the ethics of psychology and psychiatry. EHPP fills a niche untouched by other psychology and psychiatry journals. Past issues have included articles examining the withdrawal effects of Prozac and Paxil, holistic preparation of soldiers for combat, psychiatric medicating of children, marketing tactics of pharmaceutical companies, involuntary psychiatric treatment, brain neuroplasticity, and the benefits of non-pharmacological intervention. EHPP publishes articles that employ both quantitative and qualitative methodologies as well as lived experience accounts and critical analyses. EHPP seeks to provide a space for high quality scholarship, ethical discourse, and the creation of new knowledge that contributes to a more just and humane society.

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