PCOMS Self Study Course
—Barry Duncan
Date Posted 2017-04-03
Category: PCOMS (ORS/SRS)
Keywords: PCOMS, Self Study Curriculum, betteroutcomesnow.com, pcoms.com, barry duncan, heartandsoulofchange.com

Agencies often ask for a PCOMS self study course for those who miss onsite trainings, for new staff orientation, or for yearly PCOMS boosters. With the addition of the new client videos recently added combined with the new webinars that integrate Better Outcomes Now with PCOMS, it was time to update the course to specifically address the ten skills of PCOMS.

The result is a self study course that addresses the 10 skills via three learning vehicles: a video of a workshop trimmed down to bitesize chunks, brief webinars that get right to the heart of the nuances of PCOMS, and client videos that illustrate the 10 skills as well as Better Outcomes Now. This self study course takes 7.4 hours and is only available by subscription to Better Outcomes Now and the heartandsoulofchange.com Member Site. Check it out here.