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—Barry Duncan
Date Posted 2017-03-15
Category: PCOMS (ORS/SRS)
Keywords: PCOMS, better outcomes now, BON, client video, Barry Duncan,
Good news! Barry recently did a consult day at a public behavioral health agency and the result is 5 new video clips illustrating PCOMS and Better Outcomes Now (BON) as well as other nuances of doing this work. Here are brief descriptions. 

Introducing the ORS, the Clinical Cutoff, and the Expected Treatment Response in BON: This video illustrates how to briefly introduce the ORS emphasizing the 2 rationales, discussion of the clinical cutoff via talking about colors on the graph, and explaining the ETR as what we hope the therapy will accomplish if the work is successful. 

Connecting the Client Marks on the ORS to the Reasons for Service in BON: This video illustrates how to pick up on the reasons for service from the client description of her concerns and connect to the way she scored the ORS. Given that all the scales were scored low, this video also illustrates how to ask the client where they would likely see the impact first if therapy is successful, followed by what it would it take to move it just 1 cm to the right.

Wrapping Up the Session with the SRS in BON: Everyone has their style about ending a session. This video illustrates Barry’s. Barry wraps up the session with the take home message—that aspect of the encounter that he hopes will continue to resonate with the client. Then the SRS is administered and discussed. 

Resource Activation and the Heart and Soul of Change: This video illustrates the parts of the work that are near and dear to Barry—namely, the heart and soul of change. A young woman struggling with experiences of depression and anxiety re-remembers the fighter that exists inside of her, the very same fighter that helped her overcome a fierce addiction to drugs and alcohol and maintain her sobriety for over a year. 

Using the ORS in BON to Help Bring Focus to the Session: This video illustrates the underrated and underappreciated role of focus in a therapy session. A young woman describes many important issues in her life, each worthy of discussion and each ratcheting her ORS score down to match the emotional impact in her life. How the ORS works best is discussed with the client and a key theme is identified. The client redoes the ORS to represent the main reason for service and gains a more clarity about the focus of her therapy.

Just go to Resources on the main menu, click on Videos, and sort by date. The 5 new ones will be on top.