PCOMS: The Narrative in 7 Brief Videos
—Barry Duncan
Date Posted 2016-11-15
Category: PCOMS (ORS/SRS)
Keywords: PCOMS, partners for change outcome management system, client privilege, pcoms.com, better outcomes now, betteroutcomesnow.com, barry duncan

The PCOMS story is told in 7 brief videos. These videos describe PCOMS and the rationales for why it is a great idea to implement at a therapist and agency level:

PCOMS and Systematic Feedback 

PCOMS Solves the Problems of the Field 

PCOMS Supported by 5 RCTs 

PCOMS Is a Proven Quality Improvement Strategy 

PCOMS Enhances the Factors Accounting for Success 

PCOMS Incorporates the Know Predictors of Outcome (alliance and early change) 

PCOMS Operationalizes Client Privilege and Social Justice  

And Better Outcomes Now... 

The music, our theme song, provided by Project Leader John J. Murphy and Buddy Case.