PCOMS Training of Trainers Conference (TOT) Goes Global
—Barry Duncan
Date Posted 2017-09-19
Category: PCOMS (ORS/SRS)
Keywords: PCOMS, Training of Trainer Conference, TOT, https://heartandsoulofchange.com, Barry Duncan

This has been quite a year for the Heart and Soul of Change Project's PCOMS Training of Trainers Conference (TOT). We started with our annual West Palm Beach training in January, and followed it up with a TOT in Wairoa, New Zealand in February, Oslo, Norway in September, and finally in Saskatoon, Canada coming up in October led by Project Leader, Ruth Mireau. This, of course, was the dream of providing the TOT, to spread the word about PCOMS via increasing competence in PCOMS beyond just the few affiliated with the Heart and Soul of Change Project. This has paid off substantially in terms of the  sheer number of folks who now have at least heard of PCOMS to the ever-increasing numbers of agencies implementing it. Each of these trainings not only includes in-depth information about the rationales for PCOMS, the nuances of doing it, the secrets of implementing it, and the nuts and bolts of data collection and analyses, but also all the training materials that I use in my implementations. I offer my materials, which represent thousands of hours of my work, because I am a true believer that PCOMS improves the quality of care we provide our clients while simultaneously privileging client voice.

Speaking of the TOT, register now for the next West Palm Beach one, January 29 to February 2, 2018. Click here for more info. Or secure your spot (only 20 available) by emailing me at barrylduncan@comcast.net or calling me at 561.239.3640.

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