PCOMS Goes to China
—Barry Duncan
Date Posted 2017-05-10
Category: PCOMS (ORS/SRS)
Keywords: PCOMS, BON, better outcomes now, China, Bob Bohanske, Jacqueline Sparks, betteroutcomesnow.com, heartandsoulfofchange.com

Thanks to the efforts of Project Leader and PCOMS implementor extraordinaire, Bob Bohanske (Chief of Clinical Services/Clinical Training at Southwest Behavioral Health Services), we are about to embark on a journey to China to spread the word about PCOMS. A PCOMS contingent of Bob, Jacqueline Sparks (Project Leader and University of Rhode Island professor) and I will be presenting at a conference at Zhengzhou in the Henan Province, the largest province in China. Zhengouzh University is a tier 1 university and has 80,000 students. The conference is about addressing mental health concerns of university students and will include not only university leaders and professors, but also Provincial leaders interested in the recent move in China from institutional to community based mental health services.

We are very excited about this opportunity and the timing is great. It comes on the heels of the just published validation study of the Chinese ORS (see current News Item for more). An RCT, thanks to the first author of the validation study, SHE Zhuang, is underway. More details later about that.

I will be presenting an overview of PCOMS and its use to both screen for student mental health concerns and improve outcomes in services. Jacqueline will present about building on student strengths and the PCOMS implementation in her program, and Bob will present about PCOMS applications in peer support and the schools.

I will be posting information and pictures at the Better Outcomes Now Facebook Page . Please like us and follow us.