Better Outcomes Now (BON) Version 2: The Best Just Got Better
—Barry Duncan
Date Posted 2017-02-11
Category: PCOMS (ORS/SRS)
Keywords: PCOMS, Better Outcomes Now, BON, data analysis, Barry Duncan

Version 2 is my dream come true regarding what a web application of PCOMS should be. Version 1 realized the clinical application part of my dream, a true representation of PCOMS, its spirit and intent.  Version 2 makes manifest the important final aspect—data analyses and the ability to mine data every which way you can imagine, including for data integrity.  Thanks to Bill Wiggin for his genius to make this happen. There are now over 100K administrations in the system already and we just launched in June.

Here are the new features:

1.  The ability to sort and analyze data by filter (funder, grant, location, program, and any custom variable you would like to add)—in addition to the existing analysis of provider, team, or agency.

2.  The ability to customize both your data analysis infrastructure and supervisory infrastructure.

3.  The ability to sort clients by risk (for not benefitting), percent achieved of the expected treatment response, reliable and clinically significant change, and the validity indicators (first session over cutoff, first session over 32, and the see-saw, emotional thermometer graph)—this is great for helping the individual practitioner understand PCOMS as well as for the supervisory process.

4.  “Stats Plus” allows the analyses of your data by service (individual, couple, group), client type (client or collateral rater) age, filter, date ranges by open or closed date, and number of records wanted (for example, your last x number of clients opened or closed).

5.  The ability to export your data for further analyses that includes sorting by service, age, and client type.

6.  The ability to exclude invalid data from your data analysis at the client level.

7.  Validity indicators and data exclusions are also reported on the stats page.

Check out the new features at the Better Outcomes Now YouTube channel, or better yet, if you are not already using BON, call Barry at 772.204.2511 for a free trial.