The 5 RCTs of Better Outcomes with PCOMS
Three randomized clinical trials (RCT) led to the designation of PCOMS as an evidence based practice in SAMHSA's National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices. Now there are 5 RCTs, all conducted by those affiliated with the Heart and Soul of Change Project. The five Kentucky thoroughbreds depicted in the picture not only represent the 5 RCTs but also their Kentucky connection: Barry's roots are in the hills of Kentucky and Jeff Reese is a professor at University of Kentucky. Norah Slone is a professor at Spalding University in Louisville.
PCOMS also works in the real world, demonstrating outcomes comparable to those achieved in RCTs of depression and client feedback in a recent benchmarking study.
The Project is distinguished by its dedication to ongoing research about PCOMS. We are committed to consumer privilege, a relational model of psychotherapy, outcome accountability, and demonstrating that social justice makes empirical sense.